PEG-MGF (mechanical growth factor) 2mg

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MGF - stands for Mechanical Growth Factor - is an activator of muscle stem cells. Promotes post-workout muscle growth and recovery.

In building lean muscle mass, you should definitely enlist the support of the PEG MGF peptide, which is considered one of the best today.

Endogenous mechanical growth factor performs the following main functions:

  • synthesizes protein;
  • stimulates the regeneration of muscle cells;
  • restores damaged tissues and activates their growth.

Practice shows that with age, unfortunately, the human body loses the ability to use its own MGF, due to which it is important to replenish from the outside for the rapid growth of muscles. However, even at a young age, a sufficient amount of PEG MGF is formed exclusively after extremely heavy loads, which cause extensive damage to the muscle fibers.

A regular MGF lasts only a few minutes. To stabilize it and increase its half-life, PEG is most often added to it - polyethylene glycol - an absolutely safe inert substance capable of well protecting protein groups. At this point, PEG has already established itself as a really working binder in pharmaceuticals and medicine.

Thanks to this component, the absorption of the drug is improved. It is also possible to use lower dosages. Also, the drug helps:

  • reduce the percentage of body fat,
  • increase the amount of energy,
  • to draw the relief more clearly,
  • improve mood,
  • have a beneficial effect on the bone structure of the human body.

Application experience

Most often, bodybuilders use PEG MGF peptides:

1.For muscle growth: usually as part of the intake of GHRP peptides.

2. For effective work on some separate parts, for example, it can be lagging muscles.

The latter application involves injecting the peptide directly into the target muscle group.

Reviews show: both options have proven to be really effective. Studies have shown that within two to four weeks, muscle fiber growth increased by 20% with the use of PEG MGF.


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