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Due to intense training, a course of steroids or due to illness, have you encountered problems in the sexual sphere? The peptide Bremelanotide is a revolution in the means to increase libido and harmonize sexual life for both men and women. A completely new quality of life and perfect relationships are now available more than ever!

Description of Peptide PT-141 (Bremelanotide)

Peptide PT-141 (Bremelanotide) is a powerful synthetic aphrodisiac that is effective both for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions (problems with potency), and for increasing or normalizing sexual arousal in women.

The drug acts on the nervous system, therefore it is harmless to the heart and blood vessels, unlike most aphrodisiac drugs. Due to this, the peptide is able not only to enhance an erection, but also to cause it.

The effect of PT-141 usually appears two hours after injection, intensifies over about four hours, then gradually decreases for another 2-4 hours. This feature must be taken into account when choosing the timing of injections. A nice bonus - Bremelanotid is an isometric variation of melanotan, so it helps to maintain an even and beautiful tan (though it doesn't help to get it).

Thus, there are several main advantages of the PT 141 peptide:

  • By acting on the vessels, the drug treats erectile dysfunction;
  • Peptide PT 141 enhances sex drive;
  • As a bonus, it helps maintain your tan.

Application and instruction

Subcutaneous injections of PT-141 are given once a day at a convenient time:

1. The minimum trial dose is considered to be 300 g of peptide, the average dose is 700 g.

2. A single dose of 1000 mcg is optimal for most athletes.

3. Strong (in case of immunity to a lower dose) - 1500 mcg.

For women, it is recommended in any case to start with the lowest dose. For injections, Bremelanotide must be dissolved in sterile or bactericidal water for injection, usually 2 ml of water per vial of peptide is used - this allows for the most convenient dosage of the drug. Since one bottle is enough for at least 6-7 injections, we recommend using bactericidal water, which will ensure the safest possible storage of the peptide.

The maximum shelf life of a Bremelanotide solution in bactericidal water under the right conditions is 30 days. The finished solution and powder are stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of 2-8 C. The shelf life of the peptide in dry form is 2 years.

Application experience and review

Women notice the incredibly strong stimulating effect of Bremelanotide already two hours after injection. Men, on the other hand, talk about "returned youth" and an incredible interest in the opposite sex, an increase in the amount of energy and readiness for sexual exploits. Arousal and interest do not disappear even after intercourse!

Contraindications and side effects of peptide

There may be a slight redness of the face, which disappears 20-30 minutes after the injection. No other side effects were detected even with prolonged use of the peptide in the form of injections.


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