Melanotan 2 (10mg) Chocolate Tanning Course

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Excellent course for long-lasting, quality, chocolate tanning Melanotan II (10mg)

  • Duration 2 months.
  • Melanotan II (10mg)
  • We put Melanotan II (10mg) once a day for 600 mcg.
  • The course includes: 4 bottles of Melanotan II (40mg)

Melanotan 2 is a peptide that accelerates melanogenesis. This process involves the production of a special pigment called melanin, which gives the skin a dark color. It is necessary to protect the skin from the negative effects of solar ultraviolet radiation. In addition, melanin protects the skin from cancer. If you want to get a beautiful and even tan, then you should definitely order Melanotan II course.

Main effects of the Melanotan 2 course

  • Getting the perfect tan.
  • You can stay in the sun for a long time and not be afraid of burns.
  • Increases sexual desire, not only in men, but also in women.
  • Suppresses appetite and does it very effectively.
  • Helps in the fight against excess weight.

As you can see for yourself, you can buy Melanotan II course for solving various problems, and not just getting a tan.

How to take the Melanotan 2 course

The cycle duration is 2 months and this time period is quite enough to obtain the required result. The daily dosage of the peptide is 600 μg once a day. Melanotan should be administered in the morning on an empty stomach. Before starting a cycle, you will need to dissolve the powder in two milliliters of germicidal water.

It is very important to inject the solvent into the jar along the edge so that the liquid does not get onto the powder itself. Do not shake the bottle too much to speed up the dissolution process. Smooth clockwise movement is allowed, but without sudden movements. The peptide should be injected into the fat fold of the abdomen. Although the injection can also be given intramuscularly, when injected into the abdomen, it starts working almost instantly.

Note that if you have not previously used melanotan, we recommend limiting yourself to half the dose during the first injection. This will tell you how your body is reacting to the drug. It should also be said that the peptide will work as efficiently as possible only if you spend time in the sun or in a tanning bed.

Contraindications to the course Melanotan 2

The drug has no contraindications, as well as other serious side effects. In most cases, the body accepts it well, although there are exceptions. Possible side effects include nausea, spontaneous erection, redness of the skin at the injection sites, the formation of freckles, which disappear on their own after the completion of the course. The drug is in great demand, especially during the holiday season. We guarantee that in our store Melanotan II course you will definitely like the price.

How to store Melanotan 2

The powder can retain its characteristics for one year if stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of 2 to 4 degrees Celsius. The shelf life of the finished solution is one month at the same temperature. Also note that the drug should not be kept close to the freezer.


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