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Peptides: chemical properties and application

12 Nov 2020

These substances belong to the category of protein compounds, a characteristic feature of which is a very small molecule size.

Peptide compounds are an integral part of any living organism, and in all mammals they have an identical structure. These substances perform a regulatory function and are responsible for a number of vital processes. Scientists have been studying peptide compounds and their properties for several decades. In 1971, for the first time, it was possible to isolate peptides from animal organs, after which specialists began to actively conduct research on these compounds. The results obtained during the experiments were very unusual and became a real discovery. According to scientists, it is peptides that can become a real tool for increasing life expectancy. The main sign of aging in the body is a decrease in the intensity of biochemical reactions, which, in turn, is caused by a decrease in the production of peptides. Even if a person leads a healthy lifestyle, these reactions are inevitable, and when pathological changes occur in organs and systems, this process is significantly accelerated. As a result, the cell ceases to function normally, which leads to the appearance of diseases.

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The introduction of peptides into the body made it possible to achieve a significant improvement in the situation. In the course of experiments, it was possible to prove that thanks to peptide compounds, it is possible to increase the limit of cell division, restore metabolism and normalize protein synthesis. Currently, peptide-based dietary supplements are widely used as gerontoprotectors - drugs designed to slow down the aging process. Peptide bioregulators have found application in cosmetology: on their basis, means have been created to restore the youthfulness of the skin of the face and body.

In Russia, peptide-based supplements and medicines have been produced and used since 1982. For several decades, these drugs have confirmed their effectiveness and safety for the human body.

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Types of peptides used in sports nutrition

09 Nov 2020

For the manufacture of peptide supplements, two types of peptides are used: structural and functional. The purpose of the former is to provide the body with amino acids that are involved in protein synthesis. This leads to the fact that muscle mass begins to grow intensively due to the appearance of new muscle fibers and persists even with prolonged fasting.

The role of functional peptides is to promote rapid fat burning and muscle gain. Such drugs are necessary if you are overweight. Functional peptides stimulate the production of growth hormone, therefore, not only improve metabolism, but also allow you to control appetite, reduce cravings for sweets.

Types of peptides used in sports nutrition

Currently, you can purchase both preparations in the form of separate elements, and additives of a mixed type, which have a complex effect on the body. The traditional method of administering peptide supplements is by injection. The drug is injected into adipose tissue or intramuscularly. Peptide regulators are used in courses, the duration of which depends on the type of drug, purposes of use, and an individual training program. Some formulations can cause side effects, so you need to carefully study the instructions. Among the undesirable results, such phenomena as an increase in appetite, a decrease in glucose levels, etc. are noted. The effect of peptides on the body depends on its individual characteristics, therefore, the effectiveness of the drug in each athlete is manifested to a different degree.

In our online store you can buy peptides, the effectiveness of which has been proven by many athletes. We are talking about such compounds as Ipamorelin (ipamorelin), Hexarelin (hexarelin), etc. On the pages of the site you will find a lot of useful and important information about these substances, their functionality and application features

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Melanotan - Tanning Peptide

06 Nov 2020

Melanotan comes in two forms. Both types are practically the same, so many athletes use the first type of melanotan, since it is more complete. This property can be compared to automotive development. The first version of the car is significantly worse than the second, modified one. Melanotan is used by women for tanning and comes in the form of a spray, but the injectable form of the drug is the best.

Buy Melanotan - Tanning Peptide

How to use Melanotan?

How to use Peptides to get a tan? Also, many respond to the use of peptides and how to take it correctly. It is recommended to take Melanotan within 2 weeks. It is because of the short course that high dosages should be used. The next 2 weeks of using Melanotan will maintain the results obtained if you take smaller dosages. The most optimal dosage is initially considered to be about 20 mcg per 1 kilogram of body weight once a day.

It is necessary to dilute the dosage with 2 cubic meters of water for injecting the drug. It is advisable to use the drug at night. Peptides, the course of which should be suspended after 2 weeks, act on the body instantly, and after 2 weeks there are unloading weeks. For a fasting week, it is recommended to use the drug about 10 mcg per day.

Tanning peptides

Melanotan - Side effects

Melanotan can cause skin redness, the appearance of moles, which subsequently disappear, and reduces appetite. But all side effects occur with increasing dosages, since many are of the opinion that with increasing dosages of the drug, the result will come faster. This is a misconception. It is best to wait for the required time and the effect will manifest itself, and without the occurrence of side effects.

Reviews on the use of Melanotan

Many people speak of Melanotan as a high-quality drug that is capable of making the body tan in a fairly short time and with high quality.

Women note that the drug affects the body, causing an even tan, which is why it is used most often in the summer. It is also said that side effects do not occur if the dosage of the drug is followed as directed.

Thus, Melanotan won the love of many people. It allows you to achieve tanning of the skin without any special complex effects on the body. Moreover, Melanotan promotes weight loss, which makes it doubly popular among drug users and other people.

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Peptides in sports nutrition

05 Nov 2020

Intense physical activity and sports also contribute to the fact that the body begins to wear out. In this case, buying peptides will be a rational solution to increase endurance and achieve high results in sports.

Peptides in sports nutrition

Peptide supplements are a good alternative to most pharmacological preparations, in particular, based on synthetic testosterone and growth hormone. Regulators consisting of peptides have a pronounced anabolic effect, inducing intense muscle growth. At the same time, the price of peptides is an order of magnitude lower, and their effect on the body allows the use of these additives in sports nutrition, without fear of side effects. Peptide agents contribute not only to muscle growth, but also to strengthen bone tissue, improve metabolism, increase immunity and endurance. Reception of peptides is also recommended for recovery after sports injuries, since these complexes have a noticeable wound-healing effect. An important difference between peptide supplements and hormones and protein shakes is that peptides are absorbed by the body much better and faster.

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Peptide courses for great results

02 Nov 2020

The combination of training with a course of peptides makes it possible to achieve excellent results in sports. Peptides increase endurance, making it easier to endure heavy loads, help reduce appetite, accelerate metabolism, which leads to a rapid decrease in body fat and increased muscle tone. The main property of most peptide supplements is a pronounced anabolic effect, which consists in the rapid growth of muscle mass.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the most popular and effective peptide courses that are used in bodybuilding. Please note: the effect of using drugs, as well as the severity of side effects, are individual for each athlete! It is recommended to use a combination of several peptides to get the maximum benefit. In this case, there is a complex effect on the body, as well as an increase in the effectiveness of drugs due to their interaction.


Peptide courses to increase strength and endurance

Endurance is an essential condition for achieving high sports results. Our proposed peptide supplementation options will help support the athlete's body during the period of intensive training. On the pages of the site you will find the most famous peptide courses for increasing endurance. You can find out what effect these compounds have on the body and how they affect the athlete's performance. We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the information on how to take peptides and after what time you can expect the first results.

One of the most popular ways to increase endurance is by taking the peptide compounds GHRP6 + GHRP2. These substances have a similar structure, but when used simultaneously, they work more effectively. The drug is taken for two months, three times a day, one hour before meals. A single dose of the drug is 150-200 mcg. The use of this type of peptide supplements increases appetite, which leads to rapid weight gain.

Another way to increase endurance is through daily injections of Growth Hormon Releasing Peptide-2 (GHRP2), which stimulates the production of growth hormone. This substance consists of 6 amino acids and is highly bioavailable. As shown by clinical trials, this peptide drug is one of the fastest and safest ways to increase the production of growth hormone. In addition, the peptide helps lower cholesterol and strengthens bones. The duration of the peptide course is two months. The daily dose of the drug is divided into four injections of 200250 mcg each. During the period of using the supplement, there may be a side effect such as a decrease in blood glucose levels. To avoid negative consequences, provide your diet with foods rich in carbohydrates. A distinctive feature of the peptide compound GHRP2 is not only high efficiency, but also an affordable price. In bodybuilding, a combination of GHRP2 with supplements such as arginine and glutamine is often used. Arginine belongs to the category of aliphatic amino acids. It is synthesized in the human body, and also comes with food. Sources of arginine are meat products, dairy products, nuts. Glutamine also belongs to the category of amino acids and is one of the main components of muscle mass. This substance enters the body along with dairy products, meat, legumes, and is also included in many supplements for sports nutrition.

The peptide TB-500 (thymosin) also increases the body's resistance to stress. The drug is used for three months. This peptide not only improves the strength performance of an athlete, but is also very effective in sports injuries, as it accelerates tissue regeneration and improves the condition of the ligaments.

Muscle building peptide courses

Choosing a suitable course of peptides for yourself, you can get beautiful relief muscles in a few months. Modern peptide supplements not only promote muscle growth, but also provide a lasting anabolic effect, so the result obtained as a result of using the drug will last for a long time.

For fast muscle building, a combination of peptides such as GHRP6 + GHRP2 + MGF peg is used. The duration of the peptide course is two months. A single dosage of GHRP6 and GHRP2 is 150-200 g, and for the MGF peg peptide this figure is 400 g. The action of the peptide compounds GHRP6 and GHRP2 is similar to each other, however, it is their combination that allows you to achieve the maximum effect. These substances cause a significant increase in appetite and stimulate the production of growth hormone.

The combination Hexarelin + CJC-1295 also has a very powerful effect on the body. Hexarelin, which is an analogue of GHRP6, does not cause a significant increase in appetite, but during its use there is a significant increase in the volume of muscle fibers. The drug helps burn fat, strengthens joints, and also allows you to quickly recover from injury. As a result of clinical studies, the anti-inflammatory effect of hexarelin has also been proven. The disadvantage of the peptide is that over time, the body's sensitivity to this drug decreases, therefore, its effectiveness becomes lower. To avoid such problems, Hexarelin is combined with the CJC-1295 peptide. This peptide compound is distinguished by a long half-life, due to which the effect obtained as a result of the use of a course of peptides can be preserved for a long time. The CJC-1295 peptide was invented back in 2005, and since 2011 it has been actively used in sports medicine.

For enhanced results, Hexarelin can be combined with glutamine and arginine to enhance its effects. Combining hexareline with gamma aminobutyrate (GABA) is also very effective.

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Post-cycle peptide therapy

31 Oct 2020

There is a special post-cycle therapy with peptides, thanks to which the athlete will not only enjoy the results of his work, but also keep the result obtained for a long time.

During the course of steroids, the natural level of testosterone decreases. To increase it, you need to competently take drugs with which you can keep up to 80% of the gained mass. Peptides help to keep the result to the maximum. Peptides, which are relatively inexpensive, help restore the body and prevent side effects. You can buy peptides in a specialized store, where you can consult a specialist. What should an athlete do while using steroids?

Scheme of post-cycle peptide therapy

There are several schemes for the use of peptides during therapy after the course.

1. During a course of 4 weeks, you should take ghrp 2 and cjc 1295 at a dose of 1 μg per 1 kg of body weight 3 times a day.

2. When using a course lasting 8 weeks, start taking gonadorelin at a dose of 2 mcg 3 times a day in the last week, then take ghrp 2 and cjc 1295 for 2 weeks for about 2 weeks, and take cjc 1295 and ipamorelin for the last fourth week.

3. On a course lasting 3 months, it is worth taking gonadorelin 1.5 mcg 3 times a day in the first and last week, and it is also recommended to use a course of ghrp 2 and cjc 1295.

Note that these drugs and dosages cannot be completely accurate. The course of peptides is only an approximate plan of action. The length of the post-cycle therapy, the dosages depend only on the sports performance of the athlete and on the state of the body.

Post-cycle peptide therapy

Training during PCT

In order not to lose the gained muscle mass, training should be carried out. Exercise will help to develop the natural level of testosterone in the body and give strength and speed qualities to the athlete's body. But, do not overload the body. After a course of steroids, the body is already in a critical condition, so it is worth training, gradually loading the athlete. It should also be remembered that rest is an essential attribute during post-cycle therapy. The body needs to rest after exhausting muscle building.

The athlete can make a plan for himself based on his wishes. Everyone wants to achieve certain results and therefore it is not considered necessary to recommend a training regimen and approaches.

It should be noted that in any case, the loss of muscle cannot be prevented, but the loss of all mass can be avoided. Also, with the help of peptides, you can restore natural testosterone and hormonal levels. After the post-cycle therapy, you can start training again in full. The main thing is to correctly approach the dosage of the drug, training, approaches to training and always listen to your body.

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What are peptides for?

29 Oct 2020

Peptides are in great demand today among athletes and bodybuilders, since they allow stimulating important biochemical processes in the body effectively and, which is important, absolutely safe for health, achieving excellent results and performance.

Taking peptides compares favorably with taking steroid drugs in that their use:

  • firstly, it does not harm the body;
  • secondly, it is not detected during doping control.

We have a wide selection of peptides to help you get a lean toned body with beautiful muscle relief, increase endurance, increase muscle mass, burn fat, etc.

However, for the greatest effect from taking these biostimulants, we recommend that you purchase ready-made courses of peptides in our online store, the action of which is targeted, and the effect is maximum.

Ready-made courses of peptides are the best solution for those who want to burn fat in a short time or increase their physical endurance, increase muscle mass or get an even tan, etc.

A specially selected course of peptides will help you achieve excellent results in a short period of time with maximum efficiency.

It should be understood that the course of peptides by itself cannot affect the growth of muscle mass or rapid weight loss. The effect of taking courses of peptides will be noticeable only with an integrated approach, which includes the use of one or another ready-made course of peptides, performing the necessary physical exercises and following a special diet.

The range includes a wide variety of ready-made courses of peptides, including:

  • peptides rate for mass;
  • peptides a course for fat burning;
  • peptides courses for chocolate tanning and weight loss;
  • peptides courses for mass and strength, etc.

You can buy from us courses of peptides of different duration, the duration of which depends on the specific goals. We not only implement ready-made courses of highly purified peptides with a guarantee of quality and safety, but also give professional recommendations on their correct intake, timing and duration of the course.

Taking high-quality original peptides in the right courses, combined with vigorous exercise and balanced nutrition, will allow you to achieve amazing results in the shortest possible time.

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Peptides. What is it?

28 Oct 2020

Peptides (Greek πεπτος - nutritious) are a family of substances, the molecules of which are built from the residues of α-amino acids linked into a chain by peptide (amide) bonds. These are natural or synthetic compounds containing tens, hundreds or thousands of monomer units - amino acids. This class is very diverse and performs a wide variety of regulatory functions in the body.

We are ready to sell you peptides that are used in sports to correct physical indicators, as well as some others with very useful properties.

There are also peptides available, which are growth hormone stimulants.

peptide buy online

Many people have questions, why use new peptide substances if there is pharmacology (artificial testosterone and growth hormone)?

The answer is simple: peptide stimulants have several undeniable benefits:

  • Peptides are not included in the list of prohibited drugs around the world and are absolutely legal doping drugs. At the moment, the production and distribution of peptides is not regulated by law, so you can safely buy, store and use them.
  • Peptides are much cheaper than growth hormone. The cost of a similar course will be several times lower.
  • Different mechanisms of action and elimination half-lives allow the concentration curve to be manipulated to achieve an optimal anabolic response.
  • Different effects on hunger and metabolism, allows you to give preference to certain substances.
  • They are destroyed quickly and without a trace, so there is no need to fear for doping control.
  • Peptides, like classic GR, are easy to verify for authenticity. To do this, it is enough to pass tests for the level of growth hormone in plasma after administration of the drug.

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Buy Course of peptides for mass gain

24 Oct 2020

Today we will talk about a group of drugs that have been actively used by professionals in recent years. You probably already understood that these are peptides. Today, this class of pharmacology for athletes is diverse enough to be used for a variety of purposes. Now we will talk about the course of peptides for gaining muscle mass.

How peptides work

Most peptides, when used together, create a synergistic effect. For this reason, in order for the course of mass peptides to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to choose the right drugs. Professional athletes practically do not use these substances solo, since the combined use is more effective.

Peptides accelerate the secretion of growth hormone, and this is a very important growth factor in gaining mass. This is one of the main factors in the high popularity of peptides, but far from the only one. We also note other advantages:

  • High reliability;
  • Efficient and economical;
  • Get started quickly;
  • They have a complex effect on the body;
  • Normalize cholesterol balance;
  • Increase the performance of all systems and organs;
  • Thanks to peptides, the metabolic rate can be regulated.

The use of peptides and its dosages

You must remember that peptides can be produced not only in the form of injections, but also in tablets. Their dosage also depends on this. Oral peptides are most commonly mixed with water when used. In two milliliters of water, 2 milligrams of the drug should be diluted. If the peptide is injected intramuscularly, the most common dosage is 200 micrograms.

Most often, the course of the best peptides for mass lasts at least two months. In turn, the maximum duration depends on the experience of the athlete.

Courses of Peptides for muscle gain

The following mass-gathering combinations of peptides are most often used by professionals:

  • GHRP2 (ipamorelin) + GHRP6.
  • CJC-1295 + GHRP-2.
  • CJC-1295 + ipamorelin.
  • CJC1295 + HGH Frag + Ipamorelin.

Now, here are some examples of effective peptide cycles for gaining mass.

Course of GHRP

The duration of the course is from 30 to 60 days. GHRP 2 must be administered three times a day, 100 micrograms each. Do this 40 minutes after eating. It is also advisable to exclude fats or carbohydrates from the diet at this time.

GHRP 2 and CJC1295 course

The cycle time is the same as in the previous course. Use the preparations three times a day, 100 micrograms after meals, after 40 minutes. In addition, after the introduction of the drug for another 40 minutes, carbohydrates and fats should not be consumed.

GHRP 2, CJC1295 and PEG MGF course

The first two drugs are taken in the same doses as in the cycles discussed above. The total duration of the use of all drugs in this course is also similar. Enter them one hour before and after meals. PEG MGF is administered once before training at 200 micrograms.

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Most effective courses of peptides for mass gain

23 Oct 2020

1. GHRP 2 or 6 + JC 1295 DAC

Gaining mass and strength, sometimes in a 2-month course, an athlete adds 9-10 kg, although the usual result is 7-8 kg. The gained mass is not entirely of high quality, there is a little water, but in general, the gain in body weight is very decent. The maximum that you will lose after this course is 2 kg, which will be water. Any athlete should understand that it is impossible to gain pure muscle mass without an extra gram.

This course has no side effects. True, sometimes some recipients have a slight drowsiness. The negative point is the frequency of injections. It is required to do three injections a day for maximum results. Which can get pretty boring. Optimal dosage for athletes 75-100 kg - ghrp 6 - 150 mcg three times a day

2. Peg MGF + CJC 1295 DAC

An excellent course of peptides for those who need exactly dry muscle mass, fat is also burned at the same time. A huge plus here is that injections should be carried out only 1 time in three days or 2 times a week, which is not so often. This course of peptides will even forgive you if you go on a business trip for a few days and cannot do injections. However, the mass gain after the course of Peg Mgf and CJC 1295 DAC is not very large, about 2-3 kg, rather pure mass, there is also a fat burning effect. Duration of the course is 2 months.

3. CJC 1295 DAC + GHRP 2.

This course is very good for students and young people who have financial difficulties, but really want to try peptides. Also peptides cjc 1295 dac and ghrp 2 are perfect for the first experience with peptides. As a result of using ghrp 2 and cjc 1295 dac, you will gain about 5 kg of mass, and also add not bad to the strength ones. There is practically no rollback phenomenon.

4. GHRP 6 + Peg MGF.

Perhaps the most popular course of peptides for gaining muscle mass. So in the process it is possible to get not only weight gain, but also a fairly high-quality muscle mass. It is also worth mentioning that this is one of the best peptide strength courses. Duration - one and a half months.

5. GHRP 6 + CJC 1295 DAC + TB-500.

This course of mass peptides is suitable for those athletes who experience joint and ligament problems during active training. The ghrp-6 and cjc-1295 DAC kit will help you gain muscle mass, and the TB-500 will strengthen your joints, accelerate recovery from workouts. This will significantly increase your chances of completing the entire course without injury, and maximize your weight and strength.

In addition to effective courses of peptides, there are also not successful and popular ones. So the set of peptides ghrp 2 + ghrp 6 shows very poor results. And all because of too high release of cortisol and prolantin in the body. As a result, the whole body is "filled" with water, "clogged" and we simply do not grow and progress, and the water, after the abolition of peptides, will come to naught, leaving no trace behind.

Therefore, if you want to use a bunch of peptides ghrp 2 + 6, then you better do not. Advice - choose one of the ghrp and do a solo course, or add any peptide that goes well with it to enhance the effect, best of all - cjc-1295 DAC.

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