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24 Oct 2020

Today we will talk about a group of drugs that have been actively used by professionals in recent years. You probably already understood that these are peptides. Today, this class of pharmacology for athletes is diverse enough to be used for a variety of purposes. Now we will talk about the course of peptides for gaining muscle mass.

How peptides work

Most peptides, when used together, create a synergistic effect. For this reason, in order for the course of mass peptides to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to choose the right drugs. Professional athletes practically do not use these substances solo, since the combined use is more effective.

Peptides accelerate the secretion of growth hormone, and this is a very important growth factor in gaining mass. This is one of the main factors in the high popularity of peptides, but far from the only one. We also note other advantages:

  • High reliability;
  • Efficient and economical;
  • Get started quickly;
  • They have a complex effect on the body;
  • Normalize cholesterol balance;
  • Increase the performance of all systems and organs;
  • Thanks to peptides, the metabolic rate can be regulated.

The use of peptides and its dosages

You must remember that peptides can be produced not only in the form of injections, but also in tablets. Their dosage also depends on this. Oral peptides are most commonly mixed with water when used. In two milliliters of water, 2 milligrams of the drug should be diluted. If the peptide is injected intramuscularly, the most common dosage is 200 micrograms.

Most often, the course of the best peptides for mass lasts at least two months. In turn, the maximum duration depends on the experience of the athlete.

Courses of Peptides for muscle gain

The following mass-gathering combinations of peptides are most often used by professionals:

  • GHRP2 (ipamorelin) + GHRP6.
  • CJC-1295 + GHRP-2.
  • CJC-1295 + ipamorelin.
  • CJC1295 + HGH Frag + Ipamorelin.

Now, here are some examples of effective peptide cycles for gaining mass.

Course of GHRP

The duration of the course is from 30 to 60 days. GHRP 2 must be administered three times a day, 100 micrograms each. Do this 40 minutes after eating. It is also advisable to exclude fats or carbohydrates from the diet at this time.

GHRP 2 and CJC1295 course

The cycle time is the same as in the previous course. Use the preparations three times a day, 100 micrograms after meals, after 40 minutes. In addition, after the introduction of the drug for another 40 minutes, carbohydrates and fats should not be consumed.

GHRP 2, CJC1295 and PEG MGF course

The first two drugs are taken in the same doses as in the cycles discussed above. The total duration of the use of all drugs in this course is also similar. Enter them one hour before and after meals. PEG MGF is administered once before training at 200 micrograms.

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