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Melanotan - Tanning Peptide

06 Nov 2020

Melanotan comes in two forms. Both types are practically the same, so many athletes use the first type of melanotan, since it is more complete. This property can be compared to automotive development. The first version of the car is significantly worse than the second, modified one. Melanotan is used by women for tanning and comes in the form of a spray, but the injectable form of the drug is the best.

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How to use Melanotan?

How to use Peptides to get a tan? Also, many respond to the use of peptides and how to take it correctly. It is recommended to take Melanotan within 2 weeks. It is because of the short course that high dosages should be used. The next 2 weeks of using Melanotan will maintain the results obtained if you take smaller dosages. The most optimal dosage is initially considered to be about 20 mcg per 1 kilogram of body weight once a day.

It is necessary to dilute the dosage with 2 cubic meters of water for injecting the drug. It is advisable to use the drug at night. Peptides, the course of which should be suspended after 2 weeks, act on the body instantly, and after 2 weeks there are unloading weeks. For a fasting week, it is recommended to use the drug about 10 mcg per day.

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Melanotan - Side effects

Melanotan can cause skin redness, the appearance of moles, which subsequently disappear, and reduces appetite. But all side effects occur with increasing dosages, since many are of the opinion that with increasing dosages of the drug, the result will come faster. This is a misconception. It is best to wait for the required time and the effect will manifest itself, and without the occurrence of side effects.

Reviews on the use of Melanotan

Many people speak of Melanotan as a high-quality drug that is capable of making the body tan in a fairly short time and with high quality.

Women note that the drug affects the body, causing an even tan, which is why it is used most often in the summer. It is also said that side effects do not occur if the dosage of the drug is followed as directed.

Thus, Melanotan won the love of many people. It allows you to achieve tanning of the skin without any special complex effects on the body. Moreover, Melanotan promotes weight loss, which makes it doubly popular among drug users and other people.

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