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Peptides. What is it?

28 Oct 2020

Peptides (Greek πεπτος - nutritious) are a family of substances, the molecules of which are built from the residues of α-amino acids linked into a chain by peptide (amide) bonds. These are natural or synthetic compounds containing tens, hundreds or thousands of monomer units - amino acids. This class is very diverse and performs a wide variety of regulatory functions in the body.

We are ready to sell you peptides that are used in sports to correct physical indicators, as well as some others with very useful properties.

There are also peptides available, which are growth hormone stimulants.

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Many people have questions, why use new peptide substances if there is pharmacology (artificial testosterone and growth hormone)?

The answer is simple: peptide stimulants have several undeniable benefits:

  • Peptides are not included in the list of prohibited drugs around the world and are absolutely legal doping drugs. At the moment, the production and distribution of peptides is not regulated by law, so you can safely buy, store and use them.
  • Peptides are much cheaper than growth hormone. The cost of a similar course will be several times lower.
  • Different mechanisms of action and elimination half-lives allow the concentration curve to be manipulated to achieve an optimal anabolic response.
  • Different effects on hunger and metabolism, allows you to give preference to certain substances.
  • They are destroyed quickly and without a trace, so there is no need to fear for doping control.
  • Peptides, like classic GR, are easy to verify for authenticity. To do this, it is enough to pass tests for the level of growth hormone in plasma after administration of the drug.

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