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Post-cycle peptide therapy

31 Oct 2020

There is a special post-cycle therapy with peptides, thanks to which the athlete will not only enjoy the results of his work, but also keep the result obtained for a long time.

During the course of steroids, the natural level of testosterone decreases. To increase it, you need to competently take drugs with which you can keep up to 80% of the gained mass. Peptides help to keep the result to the maximum. Peptides, which are relatively inexpensive, help restore the body and prevent side effects. You can buy peptides in a specialized store, where you can consult a specialist. What should an athlete do while using steroids?

Scheme of post-cycle peptide therapy

There are several schemes for the use of peptides during therapy after the course.

1. During a course of 4 weeks, you should take ghrp 2 and cjc 1295 at a dose of 1 μg per 1 kg of body weight 3 times a day.

2. When using a course lasting 8 weeks, start taking gonadorelin at a dose of 2 mcg 3 times a day in the last week, then take ghrp 2 and cjc 1295 for 2 weeks for about 2 weeks, and take cjc 1295 and ipamorelin for the last fourth week.

3. On a course lasting 3 months, it is worth taking gonadorelin 1.5 mcg 3 times a day in the first and last week, and it is also recommended to use a course of ghrp 2 and cjc 1295.

Note that these drugs and dosages cannot be completely accurate. The course of peptides is only an approximate plan of action. The length of the post-cycle therapy, the dosages depend only on the sports performance of the athlete and on the state of the body.

Post-cycle peptide therapy

Training during PCT

In order not to lose the gained muscle mass, training should be carried out. Exercise will help to develop the natural level of testosterone in the body and give strength and speed qualities to the athlete's body. But, do not overload the body. After a course of steroids, the body is already in a critical condition, so it is worth training, gradually loading the athlete. It should also be remembered that rest is an essential attribute during post-cycle therapy. The body needs to rest after exhausting muscle building.

The athlete can make a plan for himself based on his wishes. Everyone wants to achieve certain results and therefore it is not considered necessary to recommend a training regimen and approaches.

It should be noted that in any case, the loss of muscle cannot be prevented, but the loss of all mass can be avoided. Also, with the help of peptides, you can restore natural testosterone and hormonal levels. After the post-cycle therapy, you can start training again in full. The main thing is to correctly approach the dosage of the drug, training, approaches to training and always listen to your body.

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