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Types of peptides used in sports nutrition

09 Nov 2020

For the manufacture of peptide supplements, two types of peptides are used: structural and functional. The purpose of the former is to provide the body with amino acids that are involved in protein synthesis. This leads to the fact that muscle mass begins to grow intensively due to the appearance of new muscle fibers and persists even with prolonged fasting.

The role of functional peptides is to promote rapid fat burning and muscle gain. Such drugs are necessary if you are overweight. Functional peptides stimulate the production of growth hormone, therefore, not only improve metabolism, but also allow you to control appetite, reduce cravings for sweets.

Types of peptides used in sports nutrition

Currently, you can purchase both preparations in the form of separate elements, and additives of a mixed type, which have a complex effect on the body. The traditional method of administering peptide supplements is by injection. The drug is injected into adipose tissue or intramuscularly. Peptide regulators are used in courses, the duration of which depends on the type of drug, purposes of use, and an individual training program. Some formulations can cause side effects, so you need to carefully study the instructions. Among the undesirable results, such phenomena as an increase in appetite, a decrease in glucose levels, etc. are noted. The effect of peptides on the body depends on its individual characteristics, therefore, the effectiveness of the drug in each athlete is manifested to a different degree.

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