Frag hgh 176-191 + Ipamorelin peptide course for weight loss and muscle relief

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Course kit Hgh 176-191 + ipamorelin

  • Hgh frag 176-191 30mg
  • Ipamorelin 10 mg

Consider the course of peptides for weight loss hgh 176-191 and Ipamorelin, which we offer you. Its main feature is an increase in the rate of lipolysis, fat particles begin to break down much faster, while releasing a large amount of energy. If you add high physical activity and diet here, you get a powerful fat burning effect. Ipamorelin, in turn, will improve the "health" of your skin, help maintain maximum muscle during drying, and improve muscle relief. Therefore, after the course, your figure can look great!

The peptide HGH Frag (176-191) is used by those who have decided to lose weight in the most common way. Many argue that with the help of this drug, it is possible to solve one significant problem for women - atrophy of adrenergic receptors in adipose tissue.

The chemical structure of the drug resembles part of the molecule of human somatotronic hormone (GH). In the case of using the peptide, you can expect:

  • Active fat burning. The drug acts on adrenergic receptors of fat cells and, in the case of a lack of calories, it can give a certain effect. For those people who use the peptide, it is advisable to follow a diet and exercise.
  • Acceleration of recovery processes at the end of training.
  • Strengthening bone tissue, which reduces the likelihood of osteoporosis.
  • Rejuvenation of the body.
  • Improving performance regardless of the diet, helping the body to maintain activity with a limited diet.
  • Reducing the effect on insulin levels, which optimizes blood sugar levels.

Ipamorelin is a peptide that induces the synthesis of growth hormone and mimics the action of ghrelin. The Ipamorelin peptide course in bodybuilding is quite popular due to its high efficiency and almost complete absence of side effects.

Ipamorelin - the drug is a selective agonist of growth hormone secretion receptors. Today, almost all sports medicine experts consider Ipamorelin to be the best and safest peptide used to accelerate the production of growth hormone. An important feature of the substance is an increase in the rate of secretion of growth hormone without simultaneously affecting the concentration of insulin.

The use of synthetic growth hormone causes a drop in insulin, which can lead to various undesirable consequences, for example, the development of diabetes. Ipamorelin belongs to the group of GHRP peptides, it allows you to achieve a stable and long-term increase in the level of this hormone.

Also, the advantages of the peptide include the absence of an effect on the concentration of thyroid hormones, prolactin, corticosteroids and hormones of the gonadotropic group.

Useful properties of Ipamorelin

  • By accelerating the synthesis of somatotropin in the body, lipolysis processes are accelerated. Growth hormone is able to influence the energy processes of the body, shifting them towards the use of fatty acids.
  • On the course, there is an increase in muscle mass. This is due to an increase in the index of permeability of cell membranes, which significantly improves the quality of nutrition of muscle tissue.
  • The contractility of the myocardium improves. Also, several groups of researchers have found that the drug is able to slow down the aging process of the heart muscle.
  • The work of protective mechanisms improves. This is especially noticeable in relation to inflammatory processes, Ipamorelin is able to quickly suppress them.
  • The processes of regulation of the synthesis of thyroid hormones are improved.
  • The work of the reproductive system is normalized.
  • The presence of anabolic properties. True, this is not due to Ipamorelin itself, but to an insulin-like growth factor, its concentration on the peptide course increases.
  • Has no effect on appetite.
  • Regenerative processes after training are accelerated thanks to gamma-butyric acid.
  • The quality of cartilage, bone and connective tissue improves.

Hgh 176-191 with ipamorelin, what are the advantages of this course?

This bundle of peptides is one of the most effective for weight loss. In this he even agreed, one of the authoritative sources, who compiled a table with the compatibility of various peptides. That is, of the entire line of peptides that is used in bodybuilding, better than ipamorelin, the Frag hgh 176-191 fat burner does not work with anyone!

The high effect of the course Hgh 176-191 with ipamorelin is very simple to explain:

1. Powerful synergistic effect, in simple terms, hgh 176-191 will work much stronger than usual, thanks to ipamorelin.

2. Maximum preservation of muscle mass during weight loss. An eternal problem is that during a diet, muscle mass is lost along with fat. In our case, the percentage of muscle reduction during drying, relative to fat, will be minimal.

3. A large number of positive effects. In addition to fat burning, muscle relief, the general tone of the whole body, and even immunity also improve. And by improving sleep, during the course, you can determine when the ipamorelin peptide begins to work in full force.

How to take weight loss peptides correctly

Injection 1. Do it in the morning on an empty stomach.

Our task is to draw 400 μg hgh 176-191 and 100 ipamorelin into an insulin syringe.

Injection 2. The ideal time to give this injection is before or after training

This time we are gaining only 200 mcg hgh 176-191 and 100 mcg ipamorelin.

Injection 3. We do it before bedtime. Our task is to draw 400 μg hgh 176-191 and 100 ipamorelin into an insulin syringe.

Hgh frag 176-191 5 mg + ipamorelin 2 mg course effects

So, in a 30-day course of peptides for weight loss, provided you maintain a balanced diet and a good regimen, you can:

1. Lose 6-10 kg of excess weight

2. Improve overall well-being

3. Make muscles more prominent and fuller

4. Increase the elasticity and condition of the skin in general

5. Other effects are possible.


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