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Pharmacological group Metabolic agent.


Inosine - a derivative (nucleoside) of purine - a precursor of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Refers to a group of drugs that regulate metabolic processes.

It has antihypoxic and antiarrhythmic effects. Increases the energy balance of the myocardium, improves coronary circulation, and prevents the consequences of intraoperative renal ischemia. It is directly involved in the metabolism of glucose and promotes the activation of metabolism under conditions of hypoxia and in the absence of ATP. It activates the metabolism of pyruvic acid, which is necessary to ensure the normal process of tissue respiration, and also promotes the activation of xanthine dehydrogenase. Stimulates the synthesis of nucleotides, enhances the activity of certain enzymes of the Krebs cycle. Penetrating into cells, it has a positive effect on metabolic processes in the myocardium - it increases the strength of heart contractions and promotes a more complete relaxation of the myocardium in diastole, as a result of which the stroke volume increases. The mechanism of antiarrhythmic action is not fully understood.

Reduces platelet aggregation, activates tissue regeneration (especially myocardium and mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract).

Indications for using Riboxin

In the complex therapy of ischemic heart disease (after myocardial infarction), myocardial dystrophy after an infectious disease, heart rhythm disturbances caused by the use of cardiac glycosides.

In the complex therapy of liver diseases (hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver).

During surgery on an isolated kidney as a means of pharmacological protection in case of short-term shutdown of the blood circulation of the operated organ.

Riboxin for athletes

Riboxin is an anabolic drug with minimal side effects. It is widely used in sports and bodybuilding as it helps to increase endurance and stimulate muscle fiber growth.

The drug has a beneficial effect on the heart, protecting it from increased overload.

Purpose, application and effectiveness of action

The drug is prescribed by the attending physician as a medicine for vasodilation, for diseases of the heart, eyes, gastrointestinal tract and liver. The main therapeutic effect of the agent is to activate metabolism with insufficient oxygen intake and a lack of ATP.

The active ingredient of the drug is inosine, which is related to the organs of the human body. Inosine ensures the delivery of oxygen to the fibers of muscle tissue, takes part in the formation of ATP molecules, which provide the necessary energy for all processes occurring inside cells.

Riboxin is prescribed for the treatment of ischemic diseases characterized by impaired blood supply to organs and tissues, which die when there is a lack of oxygen. Taking the drug allows you to overcome oxygen starvation of tissues and minimize the negative consequences of ischemic disease.

The drug acts as an effective medicine for the nervous system, its administration is effective for organic lesions of liver tissue, mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the visual apparatus. The main positive effect of Riboxin is on the heart muscle of athletes:

  • normalization of the heart rate;
  • activation of metabolic processes;
  • increased oxygen flow;
  • an increase in the strength of contractions;
  • reduced risk of thrombosis.

The drug Riboxin accelerates the anabolic processes during heavy strength loads, which contributes to an increase in athletic performance.

Taking of Inosine allows athletes to train more productively and efficiently.

The main benefits of taking Riboxin in sports and bodybuilding are:

  • increase in strength and endurance;
  • improving the work of the heart during overload;
  • acceleration of muscle tissue recovery.

Riboxin is, like many immunomodulatory drugs, inexpensive. It is a natural compound with minimal side effects and is not prohibited in sports.


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