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Growth hormone Somatex is a real find for athletes, the drug has already earned itself immense popularity among beginners and experienced athletes! It has all quality certificates and only natural and high-quality ingredients. The drug has been developed and released for sale in Russia, it has an affordable price and an absolutely unique composition, there are no fakes among this hormone and this also fuels interest among athletes and bodybuilders.

The functions of the drug are the same as that of the growth hormone somatotropin, which is released naturally in the human pituitary gland, mainly in its anterior lobe. Somatex has a completely similar composition to the composition of somatotropin, but only it is obtained through laboratory studies and compounds.

The hormone somatotropin is responsible for the growth of muscle and inert tissue in the body, if there is not a full production of this GH, then a person develops dysfunctions in the development of the body and the body in general, this mainly applies to children, because mainly drugs based on GH somatotropin developed specifically for them. Somatex is very often recommended for use in children with impaired growth or developmental deficiencies. For example, this can be expressed in the slow growth of the child or even its complete cessation.

Athletes here too found loopholes, having tested this hormone for themselves, they realized that this hormone is completely suitable for high-quality muscle relief or fast fat burning. Also, it has no side effects, the exception may be individual intolerance. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before using this growth hormone.

What effect does Somatex hormone have on the human body?

1. Promotes accelerated anabolic action, ie fast and high-quality growth of lean muscle mass.

2. Stimulates the anti-catabolic effect on the cells of the body, that is, inhibits the destruction of muscles.

3. Accelerates fat burning.

4. Provides the body with additional energy for more effective training and, accordingly, higher performance in sports or competition.

5. Promotes rapid wound healing and active recovery of the body after operations.

6. Improves the general condition of the body and promotes its rejuvenation.

7. Strengthens the bone structure, as well as ligaments and joints.

8. Increases blood glucose levels.

9. Strengthens the immune system.

Somatex growth hormone is sold in liquid form, it does not need to be diluted, it is recommended to use an insulin syringe for injection. Doctors recommend injecting the drug on the stomach. It is necessary to collect the fat fold of the abdomen and inject it into it, it should be done slowly for better absorption and distribution of the drug. The injection site must be changed.

Application and dosage of Somatex.

The GH course must be maintained for at least 3 months, experienced athletes and bodybuilders recommend adhering to the course from 3 to 6 months. During this period, the drug will be able to fully replenish the missing hormones in the body or help in increasing them. If you adhere to the course for less than 3 months, then most likely you will not see the effect of the drug.

It is recommended to divide the daily dose of GH into two doses and in the first 2-3 weeks should not exceed it by more than 5 units. In the future, the dose can be increased, but you should not overdo it, you can stop at 10 units per day.

Somatex hormone contributes not only to cell hypertrophy, but also to their hyperplasia, which makes this drug the most unique and truly important attribute of any athlete.

Hypertrophy is an increase in the volume of cells in the body, such as muscles.

Hyperplasia is an increase in the number of cells, that is, it contributes to the formation of nuclei.

At the moment, more and more varieties of GH appear on the market, there are also fakes that can threaten your health. We are for you to take only high-quality and healthy drugs! You can buy real Somatex drugs in Moscow in our Genetic-Sport online store. The drugs are delivered to us straight from the conveyor and have all the quality certificates!


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